A millennial gastronomic art...

In the year 1998, a gastronomic visionary of the region, he undertook a trip to Brazil, being impacted with his culture and in love with his way of eating meat in spades. He was advised of everything related to the rodizio system and founded the restaurant RODIZIO do Brasil with great expectations in his culinary project.


In 2010, a couple of young entrepreneurs, acquired the restaurant, and although this was not going through its best, they always had the vision of what they could do with much effort and dedication.


Today, product of the tireless work of all the personnel involved and of a continuous improvement of their processes, the restaurant has two large offices located in Barranquilla, Colombia on Calle 82 with 53 and the second on Calle 93 with 47.


The Rodizio is one of the gastronomic symbols of Brazil and has its origin in the way of cooking the meat that the cowboys of the southern regions had. This culinary technique consists of placing different cuts of meat in swords or skewers that rotate over fathoms, achieving perfect cooking, allowing the meat to remain more tender and with a natural juiciness.


In this culinary concept, a fine quota per person is canceled, allowing you to eat as much as you want inside the restaurant, better known as "all you can eat". The waiters bring to the table up to 14 cuts of different meats directly from the embers to your plate. This gastronomic experience becomes unique and unforgettable when accompanied with a good wine from the exclusive menu that Rodizio Carne e Vinho has developed for its diner.


"In medieval times and in old kitchens, the spit was the preferred way of cooking meals in large homes." A servant, preferably a boy, sat near the spit slowly turning a metal lever and cooking in this way the food."